Struggles Curvy Girls Know Too Well

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Mighty Oaks from little Acorns grow….or One Step at a time

Let me tell U a story

mighty oaks from acorns step at a atime mighty oaks from acorns grow…one step at a time

Christmas is once more upon us, and for those of us who are lonely or suffer from mental illness, it can be a terrible time if the year.

Everyone else seems to be having a better time, there is so much pressure to fit in and to match the spending of all those around us, and worst of all every body else seems to be so upbeat and be cheerful.

There is no point in even trying to be like them, we tell ourselves, we can never get what they have got, so we might as well just give in, and turn our face to the wall.

Well, I’m here to tell you, and I’m sure my guest authors will tell you, that you are wrong.

I’m not promising you that you will get everything they have. I’m not going…

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A Poem from Kathy Rotundo — Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Kathy is responding to Ian’s article, MUST READ!!! This was done, so it can be UNdone. It must be undone, and soon, or we ourselves will be! by Ian MacLeod (a reader)

Thank you, Ian, for speaking from your heart. I hear you. In response, I wish to contribute words that came from mine. Blessings to you and all. Much love…..

Phobia_Kathy Rotundo_r

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
who’s most fearful of them all?
Bogies, bogies everywhere….
Is this a reflection we choose to share?
Giving power where it’s not earned,
time for all to truly discern.

The truth, the truth to wholly see,
rests in the hearts of you and me.
Ego minds can fool us all,
deceptions where we trip and fall.

Bogies, bogies all around,
up and down walls, town to town.
Deleting, deleting I embrace,
there again, it’s in my face.
Shadows reflecting an…

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The Real Dangers of Social Anxiety

How To Do Social Anxiety


When I was at secondary school I went through a period of agoraphobia especially fearing open spaces. To combat this I used to walk with my head facing directly down at the floor and I used to stick to edges of open spaces, so instead of walking through a field i’d walk around the perimeter.

One day at school i was walking quickly with my head down to reach the sanctuary of the toilets and I walked straight into an open window

The End

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Feeling like I’ve hit a wall.

The Anxious Agoraphobic

I may have breached this subject before. I may have started writing and never finished. But I’m increasingly feeling like I’ve hit a wall with my recovery.

I’m at a point where my therapist is wanting me to decide how much I do. The responsibility is in my hands, and I feel lost and confused. I know that the general idea is that I go out every day and that eventually it will get easier, but going out leaves me exhausted and it’s not as easy as it seems to just make plans and stick with them all the time. When I get in after a trip out. it takes me a good half an hour, sometimes more, just to calm down.

After all this time, I thought this would be easier.

Shit. After HALF of this time I was expecting to be better. To be sat here over a…

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